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Use our software platform to test and identify Learning nature, Mental abilities like IQ, Concentration, Decision Making Speed, Creativity, Learning Styles, Strengths & Weaker areas of students. Professionally offer your guidance and counseling services.

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For career guidance & counseling, effective parenting or teaching, you need scientifically valid testing software. Our software platforms are standardized, valid & reliable. We have always been delivering world's most advanced products to our clients. Providing high-quality services is achieved by a personalized approach to every client.

Class 9-12 Students

You can conduct online assessment of students to find out their strengths, weakness, mental abilities and can counsel them on their stream or career selection. 

Class 3-8 Students

You can conduct online assessment of students to find out their mental abilities like IQ, focus-concentration, speed, creativity, hidden talent, learning style & strengths.

For Younger Parents (Kids)

You can conduct online assessment of parents to find out the intellectual, social & emotional development of their kids. You can analyse the learning nature, talent & strengths of the child early in the age and can counsel parents.   

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Our research works & platforms are appreciated globally. Presented & Appreciated at Startup Grind California Powered by Google in 2020, Re-imagine Education Forum San Francisco US in 2019, Icarss London in 2019. Published in European Journal of Behavioral Sciences, International Journal of Indian Psychology, GNDU and other highly reputed journals.

“As a matter of policy I don't endorse any products but I would like to express my thanks for the care with which you have approached my ideas.”

Dr. Howard Gardner University of Harvard, USA

For Class 9-12 Students

Stream Selection & Career Counseling

“A 60 minute online assessment test is conducted. It has 180 questions to be answered by the student"

For Class 3-8 Students

To identify the hidden potential, mental abilities, talent, strengths & weaker areas

"An online test assessment is conducted in 2 parts. 90 questions for the student and 80 for the parent."

For Young Parents

To identify the hidden potential, mental abilities, talent & learning nature of their kids 3-7 years

"An online assessment is conducted, where 134 questions are asked from the parent about their child. They have to answer in Yes or No. "

Platform Cost & Plans

Includes Formal Training & License 

Basic Plan


per month

Test & Counsel up to 30 Students/Month 

Advanced Plan


per month

Test & Counsel up to 100 Students/Month

Professional Plan


per month

Test & Counsel up to 200 Students/Month 

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